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1K One-component High Solid Content Car Refinish Paint


1K BASE COAT is a one-component high solid content paints that dry in the air which does not require a hardener, catalyst or activator, made from weather proof resins, excellent metallic arrangement property, STRONG COVERAGE, non-color difference and easy to construction.

Usage:Car paint

Dry Time:15 min,20℃

Flash Off Time:3-5 min between coats,20℃

Test:ISO9001, ISO14001, MSDS, TDS, ZRX etc.

2K TOP COAT is a base coat part of a high performance 2 pack system which needs to be mixed with a hardener, catalyst or activator. Special on high gloss finish, durable finish, excellent protection, STRONG HIGING POWER, and weather proof

Usage:Building Coating, car paint

Mixing Ratio:1:0.5:0.2~0.3

Surface Dry Time:15mins

Available Color:Many kind of colors

Certificate:ISO 9001:2000,ISO 14001:1996,3C etc


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