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Calcium Sulfate Whiskers CaSO4 For Rubber CSW-2

【Improve dielectric strength】Having good insulation property, products’ dielectric strength would be increased much after adding CSW. So, it could be applied in electronics, electric appliance and home appliance parts.

【Improve melt index】When it is added into PTEE, polyurethane, PP and ABS, the melt index of CSW will be same as the matrix and could be adjusted based on the concrete request.

【Abrasive & corrosion resistance】CSW could increase the abrasive and corrosion resistance of the products then improve their weather ability.
  • CSW-2

  • XIMI

  • CSW-2

Friction material

1、 Synergistic reinforcement:CSW assists the supplementary strength in the whole formula system. The dispersibility and affinity with other organic material for the CSW are all good, so it can be uniform distributed into the lean zone of friction blocks and get the effect of friction material working with the long fibers who like skeleton there.

2、 Stabilize the friction coefficient:CSW show better friction coefficient stability in products with its usage increase. (Recommended usage is 8%-15%)

3、 Abrasion performance:CSW has better performance in abrasion resistance. Especially in high temperature, it still keep good friction factor and abrasion performance.

4、Not hurt duality:The hardness of CSW is lower which has a Mohs rating of 3 only.

5、Improve the degree of comfort:CSW could soften the material quality of the friction block and get it comfortable when braking.

6、 Noises reduction:It easily produce noises for the products used mineral fiber, steel fiber and ceramic fiber. It is due to the high hardness of mineral fiber, shot content more or less, steel fiber and ceramic fiber has the same problem in high hardness.




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