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What are the advantages of thermosetting powder coatings?

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When it comes to coatings, the first reflection in the minds of many ordinary consumers is liquid coatings. In fact, powder coatings dominate a large market in coatings. So what are the advantages of thermosetting powder coatings?

The following is the outline:

1. Why buy thermosetting powder coatings?

2. What are the advantages of thermosetting powder coatings?

3. How to choose the right thermosetting powder coating?

Why buy thermosetting powder coatings?

1. Rich colors. The color range of this powder coating is very wide, in addition to the seven common colors in the rainbow, it also provides a lot of colors for consumers to choose from. Therefore, almost all consumers can find their satisfactory color.

2. High gloss. Since this kind of powder coating is often used in automobile coating decoration, the glossiness of the pigment has always been a product feature that many consumers attach great importance to. High-saturation and high-gloss colors will give consumers a new look on the car surface.

3. Good leveling. This powder coating only needs to be evenly applied to the metal surface to form a smooth surface with constant thickness.

What are the advantages of thermosetting powder coatings?

1. Easy to operate. This total powder coating does not require the operator to have very skilled experience, and ordinary consumers can easily apply the coating with some tools. In addition, the powder coating always maintains the powder state at room temperature, and the operator can better shape his ideal coating form.

2. High temperature curing. This powder material only needs to be heated at a high temperature of 180 degrees Celsius for about 15 minutes to form a smooth surface. Compared with liquid coatings, powder coatings have a faster drying time and higher efficiency.

3. Strong adhesion. Any kind of metal surface is a suitable occasion for powder coating. The powder coating can be firmly attached to the surface of the metal shell after high temperature heating, and it is a good automotive coating.

How to choose the right thermosetting powder coating?

1. Choose the right color. There are many colors of powder coatings, so some large outdoor works of art also use powder coatings as art materials. Consumers can make a better choice only by knowing the color they need.

2. Choose the right brand. The brand is not a simple name, but contains many years of brand image management and product creation. Therefore, it is quite necessary to choose a brand that matches the consumer's personal style.

3. Select the appropriate price range. According to the different price budgets of different consumers, the corresponding price ranges for purchasing paint products are also different. Therefore, consumers need to formulate a price budget in advance.

In short, thermosetting powder coatings are easy to operate and dry quickly, making them an ideal choice for consumers who are looking for efficiency and color gloss. Guangdong XiMi New Meterial Technology Co.,Ltd is a Chinese company that has been focusing on the production of thermosetting powder coatings for many years. Welcome to the company's official website for consultation.

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