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What are the common car paints?

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Only consumers who know the market conditions can take the initiative in transaction behavior. In the automotive decoration industry, consumers can only make better choices when they understand the prices of various spray paints. So, what are the common car paints?

The following is the outline:

1. Why should we understand the type of car paint?

2. What are the common car paints?

3. How to choose the right car paint?

Why should we understand the type of car paint?

1. Have a better grasp of suitable materials. Different types of spray paint have different properties, proportioning methods, suitable temperatures and suitable occasions. Only when consumers have an understanding of common spray paint materials in the market can they avoid being deceived.

2. Better price negotiation. In many cases, the prices of commodities are constantly changing with market supply and demand. However, only when consumers understand the price fluctuation range of similar products in the market can they be more confident in price negotiations with merchants.

3. Better find products you like. Everyone's decision is very important. Therefore, consumers must value and respect their preferences. There are many spray paint colors and materials in the market, and consumers can choose them slowly.

What are the common car paints?

1. 1K primer. This is a material that does not require a curing agent catalyst, and has relatively stable metallic properties. Consumers only need to place the paint at room temperature for a quarter of an hour to set the shape. This is a very common spray paint.

2. 1K plastic primer. Compared with the 1K primer, this is more suitable for plastic, glass fiber and other materials. Of course, it also performs well on various types of copper, aluminum and other metal materials. This type of spray paint can also be used for automatic painting in addition to being used for car decoration.

3. 2K primer. This type of material has ideal adhesion, smooth surface and stable physical properties, which is very suitable for automotive surfaces. In addition, the mixing ratio of this paint is mostly 4:1:1, and consumers can make changes according to the standard ratio.

4. 2K finish. This type of material is mostly used for the surface protection of automobiles. It has excellent characteristics such as high gloss and friction resistance. In addition, this type of material can be made in many different colors, which can meet the diverse needs of consumers.

How to choose the right car paint?

1. Choose the right material. If budget permits, it is recommended to buy 2K paint directly. This type of paint has more stable performance and longer service life. Of course, 1K paint can already meet the needs of daily life.

2. Choose the right brand. Two products that seem to have the same product picture are actually quite different in details. In theory, the higher the brand awareness, the more important it is to control product quality.

In short, consumers understand that common car paint is an inevitable choice to occupy a dominant position in the consumer market. Guangdong XiMi New Meterial Technology Co.,Ltd is a Chinese enterprise specializing in the production and processing of automotive paints. Welcome to reach cooperation with us.

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