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White X-ray Barium Sulphate XM-BA385

White X-ray Barium Sulphate XM-BA385 is used as a physical pigment in coatings. It plays a very important role in improving the thickness, wear resistance, water resistance, heat resistance, surface hardness and impact resistance of coating desert
  • XM-BA385

  • XIMI

White X-ray Barium Sulphate XM-BA385 has high reflectivity in the wavelength range of 300-400 microns, which can protect the paint film from light aging. It is an effective and cheap white inorganic light stabilizer. Because of its low oil absorption and high filling capacity, it can reduce the coating cost and can be used for water-based coatings, primers, intermediate coatings, oil-based coatings, etc. When it was used to replace 10% - 25% titanium dioxide in waterborne coatings, the whiteness was improved and the coverage did not decrease.

Model No. XM-BA385
D97 particle size (μm) 22-25
D50 particle size (μm) 8.5-10
Whiteness (%) ≥93
pH Value 7±0.5
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 4.3
Oil Absorption (g/100g) 12~14
BaSO4 content 9
Loss on ignition %(m/m) 0.74
Residue On 45μm Sieve (%) 0
Moisture (%)


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