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Who needs wood paint?

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Both product manufacturers and ordinary consumers may be curious about a question, who is the target consumer group of wood lacquer? In order to clarify this problem, many people have conducted various market surveys. So, who needs wood paint?

The following is the outline:

1. Who needs wood paint?

2. How to understand the target consumers of wood paint?

3. What is the role of wood paint?

Who needs wood paint?

1. Consumers who need home improvement. For consumers who have all kinds of wooden furniture in their homes, sometimes custom-made log furniture needs to be painted on their own. Therefore, these consumers can choose to buy non-toxic and tasteless water-based paint to decorate their homes.

2. Repairers of all kinds of wood products. Consumers who often use wood products will not be unfamiliar with wood product maintenance. In China, wood product repair shops are mostly carpenters' workshops. In other words, these skilled carpenters will need a lot of furniture paint.

3. Handicraft enthusiasts. Some consumers do not take woodwork as a career, nor do they have the need to decorate furniture by themselves, but they love woodwork as a hobby. These consumers are also one of the common consumer groups for furniture paint.

How to find the target consumers of wood paint?

1. Big data analysis. A single purchase record of a single consumer may not be meaningful, but the statistics of the purchase records of countless consumers have become a powerful tool to understand different consumer behavior patterns and purchasing preferences.

2. Text Analysis. Consumers’ evaluations are mostly presented in the form of text descriptions. Therefore, market research personnel can conduct in-depth analysis by statistically evaluating the frequency and intention of keywords in the text.

3. Discourse analysis. The difference between discourse analysis and text analysis is that discourse analysis does not care what consumers say, but is interested in the context in which consumers say their evaluations. Therefore, the analysis of the consumer situation of coatings should take the scene factors into consideration.

What is the role of wood paint?

1. Protect wood products. Wood products are most susceptible to insects and mildew. Therefore, smart consumers will use furniture paint that can prevent mildew, moisture and insects to protect the surface of wood products. In addition, this coating can also make the surface of wood products smoother and shiny.

2. Show the user's aesthetic style. Consumerism calls on people to continue to buy unnecessary items to promote economic development. However, too many useless products increase the burden on consumers. At this time, simple wood products can convey the simple and elegant lifestyle of consumers.

3. Extend the service life of wood products. This kind of paint has a certain degree of hardness, which can better prevent scratching.

In short, consumers who understand wood lacquer require relevant personnel to comprehensively use a variety of empirical investigation methods. Understanding consumer groups can help marketers better plan advertising, and consumers can also obtain more customized services. Guangdong XiMi New Meterial Technology Co.,Ltd is a Chinese company specializing in the production of wood paint. Welcome to cooperate with us.

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