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High Quality 1K Color Base Car Refinish Paint

           1K Plastic Primer


TENMA 1K epoxy primer with excellent adhesion and corrosion protection properties. Recommended for repaired parts and spot repairs, but also for insulating sanded-through areas. Ideal for all metal surfaces, e.g. steel, stainless steel, aluminium, anodised aluminium, brass, sanded factory coats and old paint layers, various plastics, glass fibre-reinforced synthetic material.

Other Names:
Auto Paint
Liquid Coating
Vehicle plastic parts such as PE, PP, ABS, PA etc.
ISO9001, ISO14001, MSDS, TDS, ZRX etc.

1K Base Coat


1K BASE COAT is a one-component high solid content paints that dry in the air which does not require a hardener, catalyst or activator, made from weather proof resins, excellent metallic arrangement property, STRONG COVERAGE, non-color difference and easy to construction.

Car paint
Dry Time:
15 min,20℃
Flash Off Time:
3-5 min between coats,20℃
ISO9001, ISO14001, MSDS, TDS, ZRX etc.

2K Primer


2K PRIMER is a Multi-purpose, 2-components primer surfacer with strong excellent filling, good adhesion and desirable barrier properties. As with the standard Middle thick film can obtain a smooth stable primer coating and have excellent grinding, able to cover large area of sanding mark and holes easily, quick drying, good sealing power, leveling, sandability

Mixing ratio:
Surface Dry time:
Sanding Dry time:
ISO9001, ISO14001, MSDS, TDS, ZRX etc.

2K Top Coat


2K TOP COAT is a base coat part of a high performance 2 pack system which needs to be mixed with a hardener, catalyst or activator. Special on high gloss finish, durable finish, excellent protection, STRONG HIGING POWER, and weather proof

Building Coating, car paint
Mixing Ratio:
Surface Dry Time:
Available Color:
Many kind of colors
ISO 9001:2000,ISO 14001:1996,3C etc

Fireproof Food Grade Pu Wood Paint


This series of products with high solid content, high fullness, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance, solvent resistance, light resistance, strong adhesion, a water white transparent viscous liquid, suitable for indoor decoration and furniture surface coating operation, can also be added to the solvent dye, as coating color repair paint.

Furniture Paint
Surface Dry time:
Wooden Substrates, MDF Board,Melamine Board
ISO9001,ISO14001,MSDS,TDS,ZRX,SGS etc.

1K Base Coat


TENMA 1K Base Coat is high quality base coat series.two coats and three coats system. Silver, pearl or solid color tinters are included. Excellent covering power,metallic effect,easy spraying.Extra fast drying and high quality finish. Good covering power and leveling. Complete color coverage range with outstanding color accuracy.

For metallic colors, it is high solid and high coverage. Varied color cover full range with high color saturation.

Application Substrates:

Sanded and dried existing finishes,1K or 2K primer

Mixing ratio: 1: 1

100 parts 1K Base coat
100 parts Thinner

Spray Gun Nozzle dia Pressure (Mpa)
Gravity feed 1.2 mm 2.0 ~3.0
Suction feed 1.5mm 2.0~3.0
Pot Life & Flash Time:

4 Hours. At 20 ℃
Flash Time: 10’

Spray coats:

2-3 coats (Flash off time 3-5 min between coats,20℃)

Drying, Sanding & Recoating Time:
  25℃ 35℃ 60℃
Dust Free 10’ 5’ 3’
Tack Free 30’ 20’ 10’
Tape Free 12h 6h 20’

Sealed stored in dry conditions within the temperature range 15℃to 20℃ and relative humidity range 55% to 75%.

2K Top Coat

Product Description:
MQ Series 2K acrylic top coat is a two-component acrylic polyurethane car refinishing system. This system produces solid colors with very accurate color matching. Characterized by its every high gloss, good appearance and outstanding weathering resistance.
Application Substrates:
Existing finishes 2K primer surfacers 1K primer surfacers
Mix Ratio & Application:
MQ820/MQ880/MQ830 Slow Dry Hardener: 50 MQ-720 Middle/Slow/Fast Dry Thinner: 10-30 MQ 2K TOPCOATS: 100
Spray Gun Nozzle dia Pressure (Mpa)
Gravity feed 1.2 mm 2.0 ~3.0
Suction feed 1.5mm 2.0~3.0
Pot Life & Flash Time:
Pot life: 5 Hours at 20°C when mix with MQ 820 and MQ720 Middle Thinner Flash Time: 15’
Shelf time:
MQ 1K Series : 2 years
Drying, Sanding & Recoating Time:

25℃ 35℃ 60℃
Dust Free 30’ 15’ 8’
Tack Free 8h 4h 40’
Tape Free 48h 12h 2h

2K Solid Color Car Paint


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