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How to choose Powder Coating

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Acrylic Clear Powder Coating Excellent   weather resistance and high adhesion High-end outdoor lighting, outdoor furniture,   aluminum ceilings and other aluminum products
Polyurethane Powder Coating Excellent   weather resistance, excellent physical, mechanical properties and corrosion   resistance For refrigerators, washing   machines, air conditioners and other high-end furniture, automobiles,   motorcycles and other
Transparent Powder Coating High   transparency For the second coating varnish
Heat Resistant Powder Coating Anti-yellowing,   anti-high temperature 300-600 degrees Suitable for barbecue, gas mask, automobile   exhaust pipes and so on
Aluminum Wheel Powder Coating Designed   specifically for wheel hubs Locomotive aluminum wheels, steel rims
Electrical Insulating Powder Coating Good   electrical insulation properties For motor housings, motors, electric control   cabinets, transformer equipments
Antibacterial Powder Coating High-efficient   bacteriostasis, antibacterial rate of up to 4N-5N (99.99-99.999%) Medical equipment
Art Texture Powder Coating Clear   Texture Effect For power distribution cabinets, communications   facilities, building materials, metal products
Heat Transfer Powder Coating clear,   easy to tear the paper Thermal transfer doors and windows
Polyester Outdor powder coating Excellent weather resistance Aluminum curtain wall,   Aluminum

    ceilings, Airport Outdoor acilities, Road Guardrails


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