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What is a high-quality PU paint like?

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There are many lacquer products on the market, and PU lacquer is often used in the decoration of various wooden furniture. It is very important for consumers who are decorated with wooden products to understand the characteristics of lacquer. So, what does high-quality PU paint look like?

The following is the outline:

1. What is PU paint?

2. What are the characteristics of high-quality PU paint?

3. How to use PU paint?

liquid fireproof pu wood furniture paint

What is PU paint?

1. A general term for polyurethane coatings. Among the types of wood paint, the main component of a water-based paint is polyurethane. Therefore, wood paint contains polyurethane paint.

2. A variety of ingredients. The main components of this paint are the main agent plus the curing agent plus the diluent. Therefore, when consumers choose this kind of paint, they need to have an understanding of the matching ratio of curing agent and thinner and how to use it.

What are the characteristics of high-quality PU paint?

1. Good overall performance. High-quality lacquer has good adhesion, and it can be easily handled even on materials that are extremely difficult to adhere to teak. In addition, this paint has good hardness and durability.

2. Good acid and alkali resistance. In addition to being used for outdoor decoration, this type of paint also performs well in environments such as chemical plants and the inner walls of transportation tanks. Therefore, this kind of paint is often used in occasions where chemical reagents with strong acidity and alkalinity need to be transported and stored.

3. Suitable for large temperature span. In theory, to dry this paint does not require a strict temperature environment. Even in the cold winter, the paint can be dried at low temperature.

4. There are many occasions for use. On the surface of some high-end crafts and high-end furniture, experienced operators will choose to apply this kind of paint.

How to use PU paint?

1. Follow the standard ratio. Since this kind of paint requires several components in the proportions, the proportion of the proportions is very important. Consumers can complete the proportioning by themselves through accurate measurement, or they can hire professional workers to do the proportioning and smearing work.

2. It takes a while to ventilate after application. This kind of lacquer is not as good as natural wood lacquer in terms of environmental protection. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to ventilation after the lacquer is applied.

3. Read the instructions carefully. The product manual written by the merchant is the most suitable description for the product that can be found on the market. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the product manual, and only by carefully reading the product performance and precautions in the manual can a good use effect be obtained.

In short, high-quality PU paint has good acid and alkali resistance and good adhesion. Consumers should learn more about product-related properties when using it. Guangdong XiMi New Meterial Technology Co.,Ltd is a Chinese company that has focused on the production of PU paint for many years. Welcome to consult.

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