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Insoluble Barium Sulphate 98% XM-BA387

In the composite system of PA66 modified by melt grafting maleic anhydride with 20% activated barium sulphate and 5% ethylene octyl copolymer, a small part of barium sulphate has the effect of heterogeneous nucleation on PA66, and most of barium sulphate has the effect of toughening PA66.
  • XM-BA387

  • XIMI

Insoluble Barium Sulphate 98% XM-BA387:

Compared with non activated barium sulphate, the tensile strength, flexural strength and notched impact strength of simply supported beams were increased by 10MPa, 11mpa and 9kj / m2 respectively.

Packaging: woven bag with plastic lining, 25kgs/bag

Storage: Keep in dry and ventilated conditions.

Model No. XM-BA387
D97 particle size (μm) 22-25
D50 particle size (μm) 8.5-10
Whiteness (%) 50
pH Value 7±0.5
Specific Gravity (g/cm3) 4.2
Oil Absorption (g/100g) 13~15
BaSO4 content 9
Loss on ignition %(m/m) 1.2
Residue On 45μm Sieve (%) 0
Moisture (%)


BA388natural barium sulphate (16)

white masterbatch (1)

Barium Sulphate (7)Barium Sulphate (8)Barium Sulphate (9)Barium Sulphate (10)Barium Sulphate (11)Carol名片


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